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URL Live Update service

Last Updated: May 13, 2013 01:07PM CEST

What is Kanbanery URL Live Update?

If you want to integrate Kanbanery into your system, you don't have to constantly send us http get requests to keep your data up to date. Simply subscribe to our URL Live Update service we will send the information about what is going on in your projects directly to your server.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, the only thing you have to do is provide server address in the URL Live Update Subscription tab. The address has to start with http or https.

Subscription status

Your subscription can have three statuses: disabled, paused or active. You can pause your subscription whenever you want. Your subscription will be automatically paused if we receive five incorrect responses in a row (i.e. other than 200 OK) or when server response time is higher than 25 seconds (also five times in a row). You can unpause your subscription as soon as you've identified the issue with your sever.

URL Live Update request

After a resource (e.g. task, column) has been created, updated or deleted, we send you a HTTP request (POST, PUT or DELETE, respectively), with JSON data containing newest resource data, id of the user who performed the operation and auth_token (so you know this was our server that performed the request). After a resource has been deleted, we don't send all resource data, just type and id.

Here is an example of data we send: 

{ "user_id" => "7", "auth_token" => "4bd1ffc83e5ed9ac501c6d1729c8643c9022d452", "resource" => { "id" => "6", "title" => "Some task", ... } }

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